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What to Expect/Our Process

    Free 15 Minute Consultation

    If you would like more information about how we can help you achieve your health goals, call us and set up a FREE 15 Minute Consultation at our Clinic. If you have questions about what we do, then come in and ask our professionals. We’ll spend 15 minutes with you explaining how our Naturopathic Doctors and our other health care providers can help you. We encourage you to bring in all your questions, lab reports, X-rays, CT Scan, MRI imaging, and any additional information to help us better understand your health needs. This gives you a chance to find out if our clinic meets your needs. We will also tell you if we can help.

    Please call us at (905) 707-2001 and book your free consultation.

    ***No treatments or therapies will be provided during this visit***

    Naturopathic Visits

      Initial Visit (1.5 – 2hours)

      At Thornhill Naturopathic Health Clinic, the first visit consists of a thorough health history, physical screening exam and laboratory assessment. We can provide screening physical exams, gynecological exams, PAP smears and breast exams. We discuss your general health concerns and go through each body system to screen for past and present imbalances. We aim to address all the contributing factors to health- physical, psychological, hereditary, social, spiritual and environmental.

      In this visit we determine if there is a need for further diagnostic or assessment procedures including any lab work. We ask you to bring any previous lab or diagnostic results from the past year (examples include blood work, diagnostic imaging like x-ray, ultrasound, CT scan or MRI). If you don’t have copies of these reports we can obtain them from your health care provider. If no blood work has been done in the past 3 months, we may recommend having a CBC (complete blood count) or other labs tests done by requisition through our clinic or by your MD. We discuss your goals, options for treatments, and decide together what the focus of treatment will be. We will begin a basic treatment plan in the first visit.

      Laboratory Assessments

      We have in- house lab facilities available for some tests and we refer patients for blood, urine and saliva testing to labs in Toronto and throughout North America for specific diagnostic testing. We use the latest equipment and technology to ensure results are delivered rapidly and accurately to patients.

      Functional Terrain Assessments

      Your first visit will include a Functional Terrain Assessment. Many of the chronic diseases afflicting our population today are functional in nature. This means that conventional testing is often unable to observe laboratory abnormalities that would allow for diagnosis or assessment. In addition, certain chronic degenerative trends within an individual can lead to various disease states, and resolution of these trends can lead to significant improvements. At Thornhill Naturopathic Health Clinic, we use a number of in-house tests to assess common degenerative conditions in an individual patient. With this information we can develop comprehensive protocols that address the root cause of diseases in patients.

      Functional Terrain Assessments may include:

      • Koenisberg Test for adrenal health, stress or fatigue, kidney stress, mineral loss from the body and acid-alkaline imbalance.
      • Urinary Indican Test indicates overgrowth of bacterial organisms in the intestines
      • Spirometry to test lung capacity and respiratory function.
      • Sulckowich Test is a simple test to determine the amount of calcium in the blood by testing for calcium in the urine.
      • Zinc Tally test to measure zinc deficiencies.
      • Salivary and Urine pH to assess acid alkaline imbalance.

      Second Visit (1 hour)

      This visit is usually 1 to 2 weeks after the first visit and includes any additional physical examinations required and a review of lab or diagnostic testing. In this visit we also discuss progress from the initial visit, and any questions or concerns that may come up. We usually begin implementing a more detailed treatment plan in this visit.

      Follow-Up Visits (30 mins – 1 hour)

      The frequency and duration of follow up visits varies according to your specific treatment plan. Thirty to forty-five-minute follow ups are mainly to monitor progress, add /or modify treatment plans or for follow-up acupuncture treatments. Hour long follow up visits are recommended for initial acupuncture treatments, any bodywork, or physical medicine, intravenous therapy or if there are deep rooted or numerous health concerns we are working through. Some individuals prefer weekly or biweekly follow up appointments if there is an acute condition present, if they are participating in a special detox, weight loss or smoking cessation program or if there are several health concerns to work through. Other patients may choose to follow up once a month or every few months once they are feeling stable, healthy and happy. We recommend patients follow up at least once a year to maintain optimum health.

      Please contact the clinic for further inquiries and more information regarding fees and insurance. Please note that Naturopathic visits are not covered by OHIP but are covered by most extended health plans.

      Please call or email with any questions or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you.